Many people have the misconception that it costs a small fortune to fly in a private jet. Although it is true that on average it can be more expensive for a single person to fly via private charter compared to a first or business class ticket on a commercial airline, it can often be a better deal when flying in large groups to lease a private charter instead of buying numerous tickets.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of flying on a private jet compared to flying in first or business class:


  • No queues or long check in’s at Airport Security.
  • More relaxed luggage limitations for each passenger.
  • No disturbances from other passengers.


  • Travel in the aircraft of your choice, not the one that is most economically beneficial to the airline.
  • Custom meals, choose your own on board meals – a whole new meaning to the term airplane food!
  • On board entertainment, got any movies or music you wish to watch or listen to during your flight? Cello will adhere to your requests and arrange these for you.

Custom Experience

  • Destination – fly to where you want to go not where everyone else is going. Smaller or remote airports are no problem for Cello’s aircrafts.
  • Schedule your flight times to your needs not everyone else’s.

Time is the most precious commodity for most people. By flying via private charter you can minimise the time lost during travel, and also perform better at that important business meeting or event because of the relaxing experience of flying on board a private jet.

Private charters are often the preferred method of travel for large groups. Not only is it more cost effective than buying numerous first or business class tickets, the experience is also exclusive and private for the clients compared to sharing an aircraft with other passengers in first or business class.

So make sure you think twice the next time you’re booking those tickets. Are you actually getting a better deal when flying first or business class compared to a private charter?

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