Aircraft Specifications

Type: BAE146-RJ100
Registration: G-ILLR
Serial No: E3379
YOM: 2000
Responsible Authority: UK CAA
Seating Capacity: Y97
Range: 1,100 NM
AOC: Worldwide
Interior: Leather
Galleys: Atlas
Ovens: Yes

Cello Aviation are pleased to offer the Bae146-RJ100 for ad-hoc charter services for M.I.C.E, Sporting events, Music events and tours, Inclusive Tour programs and also ACMI leasing (long term or short term).

This regional aircraft is fitted with 97 leather seats and offers an average pitch throughout of 31 inches, a seating configuration of 2&3 so a perfect aircraft if you are looking for a comfortable and roomy passenger experience.

Having operated our fleet of aircraft in both VIP and economy configurations for the past 8 years, Cello are able to offer a bespoke customer experience and professional service no matter on the complexity of the charters undertaken.

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